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The Trumpet The Trombone

In addition to the regularly scheduled school rehearsals, it is necessary for each student to practice at home. Your band director or private lesson teacher will recommend specific practice habits.

Students will only progress by following a regular practice schedule. Parents, it is up to you to monitor your child's practice. The band can only be as good as its weakest members. We would prefer to have strong players! Musicians cannot improve without practice. Your child's band director or private lesson instructor should recommend an amount of practice time for each day. Only you the parents can enforce it! We want your child to be the best player possible!

The directors can always tell which students have been practicing. Parents are encouraged to help the students make time for music.

How can a concerned parent help their child?

Show an interest in his/her musical progress, but never make fun of the strange sounds he/she may produce or banish him/her to the basement for practice.
Lend an occasional ear to his/her practice, offering words of encouragement. The band director and private lesson teacher will correct mistakes.
Be interested and willing to listen.

Make expectations for your child. Just as he/she must be reminded to "wash your hands" or "brush your teeth" so must they be reminded that "this is your practice time."